Scripture #13

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

It's July! We are over halfway through the year! Take a minute and think of the ways God's Word has spoken to you, encouraged you, guided you, strengthened you. I'm so thankful for the mystery of how His Word speaks personally to each of us, where we are, in every season.

We don't have to spend tons of time studying the Bible every day, and we don't have to be Bible school students or theology majors. God speaks directly to us, and I often think of reading my Bible kind of like a treasure hunt. He connects places in our hearts to words on the pages we read. He brings patterns and repetitions of what He wants to say to us and threads them through the Bible, through the words of other believers, through what we see and hear. If we are listening for His voice, leaning into His Word, and trusting the Holy Spirit, we will hear Him.

This month, I wanted to share a few simple ways to dig deeper when reading + studying God's Word

  1. Underline one verse. When reading a passage, whether it's a handful of verses, or a chapter or two, notice what stands out to you. Pause over the words or phrases or verses that you maybe haven't noticed before. Pay attention to what makes you pause. Grab onto one thought, one idea.

  2. Dig deeper. Once you've noticed a specific idea, take a minute to dig deeper into that. Ponder it or research it. This doesn't have to be lengthy. Often just a few extra minutes of thinking about the passage can reveal something totally new or fresh to my heart and mind. Maybe it's jotting down a few thoughts in the margin of your Bible, or maybe it's looking up a definition of a word to get a more complete understanding of what it means or to find a different way to think about it. Sometimes it might be flipping to your Bible's topical index or opening up an online resource like, searching a word, and seeing what other Scriptures have to say about it. You can even compare different translations of the same verse (check out, which can be a great way of getting a different perspective on a piece of Scripture!

  3. Write it. Write down the verse that stood out to you in a notebook/journal or on an index card. There's something about writing things down in our own handwriting that solidifies them in our hearts. It's kind of like claiming the words for ourselves. And bonus: we can come back later on down the road and see what God spoke to us and when. It can be an amazing way to trace His work and leading in our lives.

I love looking for ways to hear God's voice, leaning into His Word, listening throughout my day and week to what He might be saying. Oftentimes it really does feel like an ongoing conversation or a slow revelation. Sometimes He drops a truth bomb in our hearts, but many times it's like a slow unraveling of a rolled up painting, seeing bit by bit until the picture becomes clear and whole.

I'd love to know what God has been speaking to you lately. He is so good, and I am so thankful for the truth + beauty + life in His Word.

Comment below with the next Scripture you'll be memorizing!! Let's do this!




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