Scripture #14

"The Word of God is not bound."

Paul wrote these words while he was in fact...bound. In chains, in a prison cell in Rome. He wrote the words of 2 Timothy in the final days before he was martyred.

Prison cells are the definition of limitation. They are the epitome of being cut off, put away, hidden, shut down. But think about this: the words that Paul wrote from this prison cell and others during his years of ministry have spread further than perhaps any other words in history.

God chose to have His truth and His words that would change the world and spread across nations, borders, cultures, and generations--written from the most limited place possible. A prison cell.

This is what Jesus does.

And His Word, that is not and cannot be bound, is ours. We have these words not just in ink, on paper that we can hold--which are a gift. We have these words IN us.

Our limitations do not limit God. The limitations of the world we live in, the scenarios and scenes we find ourselves in, do not limit Him. His Word is not bound to anyone or anything other than Himself.

Do not let limitations scare you. Yours, others', what you see or feel. They don't scare God. In fact, God chooses limited people, limiting situations, to speak through + to move through + to spread His message of love and redemption.

God's Word is not bound and cannot be contained or stopped. Let that truth fill you with awe, gratitude, and hope because this gospel does not depend on us. It rests on Him + His power + truth alone.

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