Scripture #15

“The instruction of the Lord is perfect,

renewing one’s life;

the testimony of the Lord is trustworthy,

making the inexperienced wise.

The precepts of the Lord are right,

making the heart glad;

the command of the Lord is radiant,

making the eyes light up.”

-Psalm 19:7-8

What the Lord’s Word is:

  • perfect

  • trustworthy

  • right

  • radiant

What the Word of the Lord does:

  • renews our life

  • makes us wise

  • makes our hearts glad

  • makes our eyes light up

This passage is beautiful, and I love that it shows us both what the Word of the Lord is and what the Word of the Lord does. I want to love God’s Word for what it is. It is perfect, trustworthy, right, and radiant. I want to love His Word and seek His instruction because I love Him. And yet, we also need to understand what God’s Word does for us and in us. It renews our life, it makes us wise, glad, joyful. We need all of those daily, amen?

In a lifelong walk with Christ, much like a marriage, we sometimes feel in love with the Lord and His Word, and we sometimes don’t. Yet we choose to practice and walk out our love and devotion because we know in our souls Who He is and who we are. We know that He is perfect, trustworthy, right, and radiant—and therefore His Word is. And we know who are—in need of renewal, wisdom, gladness, and joy.

Let’s choose again today to come to Him, to trust Him, to love Him + His Word because we know Who He is. And He is good + faithful.



***Comment below with a Scripture you'd like to memorize over the next two weeks! Especially as we enter this time of transition between summer and the start of school and new routines, write this Scripture on a notecard and keep it at work, post it on your bathroom mirror, or take it along in the car line. His Word has a way of grounding us and covering us no matter where we are or what we face. <3


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