Scripture #16

This week I have been trying to start a new routine of a few minutes of “Bible time” in the morning with my kids. My older two are 7 and 5, and I want to intentionally develop their relationship with God and show them how we spend time with Him + how He speaks to our hearts. It’s been unexpectedly refreshing for me—not in a calm, quiet devo time kind of refreshing. More like a sitting in our toddler’s room while he climbs all over the place but God still speaks kind of refreshing! It’s been moving getting to see and experience some of the simple practices of Bible reading and prayer through the eyes of my kids and through the purity of their hearts.

On Monday we were finishing up after a few minutes of time “reading” (which was mainly for me and my 7 year old--my 5 year old daughter and 1 year old toddler were climbing in and out of his crib and pretending to be puppies). My son Canaan said, “I feel warm inside. Kind of like a warm fire.” And it washed over me anew how sweet and deep and holy spending time in God’s Word is for our human hearts. He was describing it the way he was experiencing it. And haven’t you felt that too after time in God’s Word?

Even little ones can feel it. Their spirit is nourished, strengthened, fed, comforted. So it is with us. Let’s come to Him and His Word simply + earnestly. The gospel is for all of us, and the beckoning is simple, pure, holy. If He can speak to and move in a little one so gently and profoundly, He can for us too. And He does.

Lord, thank You that our practices of seeking You and hearing Your voice don’t have to be complicated. They don’t have to be fancy or impressive. Just earnest + sincere. Help us to come to You and to Your Word with hearts eager to see You and know what You’re saying today. Strengthen us from the inside as we let You in and welcome You. Thank You for Your gentleness and goodness and for the way You move in us. Amen.


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