Scripture #24

“Give me life through Your Word.” (Psalm 119:25)

As we close out 2019 and enter a new year, my prayer for you and me is that God would breathe new life in us through His Word. That as we open our Bibles + seek His heart + listen to His voice, we would be strengthened, revived, and that the dead places in us would come alive in Him. His Words are life to us. They are an anchor for us as we navigate life and inevitably experience hardship, pain, questions, uncertainty, fear, and the unknown. THIS is how we live secure. We hold onto these words with all that we are. We embrace mystery AND we pursue understanding. We return to His Word covered in grace again and again + we allow it to reach deep into the darkest places where we desperately need the light. We receive both the comfort and the correction. We savor the words that are comforting and nourishing, and we dig deep and keep going through the words that are hard and that penetrate. We trust the heart of our Father every time we open our Bibles, and we embrace the gift we have in these words to know Him, hear Him, and love Him.

Choose a Scripture to memorize as we close out 2019, and let’s thank Him for all the ways that His Word has shifted us, led us, and revealed Him to us this year, in ways we can see and recognize, and in many we can’t. Thank you for joining me this year in the Scripture Memorization Challenge! Here’s to stepping into the next day, the next year, the next decade with a soul that is anchored in Him.




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