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Phool Aur Angaar Movie Download In Hindi Full Hd




Phool Aur Angaar Hindi Movie 2017 released on Netflix UK, Watch Phool Aur Angaar full movie on, you can watch all movies, cartoon, drama and reality series on ncetric. Phool Aur Angaar  In the ancient times, the arrogance of humans still continued, and humans love to kill each other. The deity Shiva, the destroyer of all demons, Shambhu, ordered his consort Parvati to get the world destroyed. Her first thought was the death of her husband, and she told Shiva, but Shiva said not to kill her husband as he would be born again in every human. So, she thought of another way to destroy this world. She asked Shiva, “In all the homes, the mothers are fond of their babies and love their babies. Where will we find a baby who will destroy the world?” Shiva’s answer was Shiva. Shiva told Parvati that she will have her first son, Shiva, in every child. Shiva, a male child, was born out of Parvati’s body with a head of black cobra and legs of serpent. Shiva will come as a son and destroy the world. Parvati was very much upset, and she begged Shiva for mercy. So, she told Shiva that she will not have any more children. Shiva agreed that Parvati can have no more children. Parvati asked Shiva for a boon. Shiva gave her one more boon. He told her, “If you wish, you can have a son again.” When Parvati asked, “What about Shiva,” Shiva replied, “He will be the youngest.” Shiva asked Parvati, “What will you give me in return for my son?” Parvati replied, “I will give you my whole body to wear for the rest of your life. I will give you my head for a garland, my hair for a diadem, my arms for jewels and my thighs for anklets.” Shiva accepted her offer. So, Parvati gave birth to a son, called Hara, who has a head of yellow cobra. Her body was full of vipers, and she was blessed with every venomous snake in the world. As soon as the child was born, Parvati gave birth to a child. Her child was also a male, and he too had the head of a cobra and the legs of a



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Phool Aur Angaar Movie Download In Hindi Full Hd

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